Product Design

For me, Product Design is a process through which I identify market opportunities and understand the issues people have, then create a solution and validate it with help from real users.

Nowadays the design process goes beyond a regular expression, and the main focus is to solve problems and offer customers the right solution. While I was an artist at first, now I am a scientific designer. My primary concern is to strategically innovate and use systematic approaches to bring in the best solutions and ideas.

What is product design

Product design is the entire process of creating usable products and enjoyable experiences, by identifying people’s problems and inventing best possible solutions. This comprises everything from doing market research, product development, designing informed solutions—and everything in between.

Shifting from abstract to concrete ideas

I am a firm believer that the right product design is all about finding order where there’s a lot of chaos. Designers always tend to start with an abstract idea and then they adjust and adapt it in a proper manner. It’s important for me to offer the best possible product design that’s concrete and usable.

What features to deliver

Feature-wise, the most important thing is to understand what problem is appearing at this time, who has the problem and what can be achieved in a dedicated manner. Once I answer these questions, I have a very good insight into how the products needs to look, what features it has to deliver and many other similar things. Adapting and adjusting all of that is incredibly important, and we need to handle the process accordingly and in a unique manner.

Finding a solution to a problem includes the following five phases:


  • Assumptions
  • Observations
  • Research

Hypothesizing is great because you get to learn more about the people for which the design is actually for. Researching helps a lot, and you finally get to understand the users, what they need and what you can do for them in a proper manner. At the end of the day, research is all that matters.


  • Business Goals
  • Principles
  • Data/ UX KPIs

Defining is crucial since it helps you create a point of view according to the user requirements and needs.


  • Personas
  • User Flows
  • Patterns

Ideation becomes a pivotal process because this is where you try to come up with solutions. You want to have as much freedom as possible to push things to the next level and establish the best result.


  • Prototype
  • User Testing
  • Gather Feedback

Once you have the right ideas, you need a prototype. This will help you test out and experiment your hypothesis to see if it’s a correct one or not. Once you create a prototype, you can see if the design is good, if it needs adjustments and so on.


  • Evaluate Data
  • Measure Success
  • Key Takeaways

Validate everything and you will be good to go. The truth is that testing will require a lot of time and effort, so you need to take your time and go through multiple test cycles to achieve the best results.

As a designer, I understand that product design requires a lot of work and commitment. But I am here to work closely with you and your team to bring in that great vision to life. Nothing is impossible if you want to make it work, and I can guarantee you will have a great time working with me on the best product design!

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