Who am I?

I'm a problem solver who is committed to crafting experiences and products that are useful, usable, and desirable.

I have over 15+ years of hands-on work experience in digital product design and management, user experience and front-end development for rich Internet applications and mobile devices. I practice user-centered design principles basing design decisions on user needs and business goals.

I apply an understanding of marketing and communication strategies to create innovative product solutions, that have helped multiple organizations to exceed their business objectives. I specialize in crafting instinctive, engaging, and valuable user experiences.


Years of industry hands one experience


Successful client project launches


Industry awards and recognition


Professional knowledge of the tools and programs

Media Coverage

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and early in my career, i had the opportunity to be part of a startup that I co-owned. As a result I was featured in Vancouver Sun and The Province.

This opportunity helped me learn about business and risk management. When you work in a small company that is striving to grow and become self-sufficient or big, you get to learn a lot.

In a small business, you take a lot of responsibility, you get to do a lot of stuff, on your own and you get to see a complete package and learn things from ground reality to bottom-up. The experience made me realize that the overall growth and learning that you get at an aggressive startup is priceless.

Connecting Teams

Working with teams in a variety of disciplines I have been able to recognize and develop processes and systems to create innovative solutions for abstract problems. My product philosophy situates the user at the center of the process. I bring a high level of conceptual development in my work and study the deeper underpinnings that drive and shape user engagement.

Things i love to do

Design Thinking

I thrive on understanding users, challenge assumptions and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions.

Problem Solving

I love solving problems but defining the problem, finding the root, evaluating alternatives/solutions and developing an action plan strategy.


I belive the key to driving innovation and growth is not to become complacent after a success. Innovation must occur continually.

Painting & Drawing

Traditional realism and portrait illustration, using Panpastels, watercolor and colored pencils.

Martial Arts

Traditional Kungfu, Xingy, Qigong, Kungfu means achievement by effort. Mind and body alignment.


Daily meditation helps to restore calm and inner peace. "As within, so without".